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Wednesday, November 20 (9:00 - 5:00pm)

  1. Ryan Carson

    Secrets to Making Your Startup Great

    Ryan Carson

    A great idea is not enough to build a great company. No matter how grand your vision or how big your potential customer base, you will need a lot more to be truly successful. In this workshop, entrepreneur Ryan Carson (founder of Treehouse and Carsonified) takes you step by step through several key activities that can make or break a startup. No matter what industry or stage your startup is in, Ryan will leave you with rock solid advice for marketing, team building, user acquisition, culture hacking, technology selection, and other key success factors for taking your startup to the next level.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to hire the right people for key positions
    • How to motivate your team the right way
    • Which proven user acquisition strategies might be right for your company
    • How to chose the right platform for your stage of development
    • When to consider a pivot, a restructuring, or other drastic changes
    • How to generate buzz around your product or company
  2. Chad Pytel

    Building Client-Side Web Applications with Backbone.JS and Coffeescript

    Chad Pytel

    You build web apps, and you’ve seen the shift towards highly interactive, rich client-side web applications. Learn the better way to build rich, interactive applications using Backbone.js and CoffeeScript. In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of Backbone.js and CoffeeScript as we build a real web application together. This workshop is intended for web developers already comfortable with JavaScript and jQuery.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to build client-side web applications with Backbone.js
    • The different pieces of Backbone.js (Models, Views, Router, and Templates) and how they fit together to build great applications
    • To effectively use Backbone.js Event binding to create dynamic applications
    • Using CoffeeScript instead of JavaScript
  3. Jen Kramer

    Berserk for Responsive Web Design Frameworks

    Jen Kramer

    Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation are the most popular responsive design frameworks today. As with most technology, although they look very similar on the surface, they're designed with different applications and target audiences in mind. In this full-day workshop, you will get an overview of Bootstrap and Foundation, learn how to customize each for your applications, and figure out which is right for your next project. We'll spend the morning getting familiar with Bootstrap and the afternoon working with Zurb Foundation.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to compare features like layout grids and navigation systems between Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation
    • How to work with Javascript plugins
    • Methods for customizing styling
    • Ways to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each framework and identify which is right for your next project
  4. Elliott Garcea and Emir Hasanbegovic

    iOS/Android Architecture Done Right

    Elliott Garcea and Emir Hasanbegovic

    Setting up your application infrastructure takes more care on Mobile than any other platform, simply due to the volatility of mobile network connections. Providing a smooth user experience in this environment is not an easy task. Learn how to solve this problem from the bottom up in this hands-on workshop by implementing local-first caching on the two most popular platforms, Android and iOS. Platform experts from Xtreme Labs will be on hand to help with any problems/ questions that may arise. This workshop is for developers who are familiar with mobile development and have brought their tools with them. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: + How to overcome network volatility to provide the best possible user experience with local caching policies + Strategies for prioritizing data usage by bundling API requests and pre-caching data + Techniques to prevent poorly-designed APIs from impacting the design of your application + How to provide a single user interface that returns consistent results.

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