We hand pick our speakers to bring you the best possible lineup with the most diverse range of expertise.

  1. Alex Sexton

    Alex Sexton


    Alex lives in Austin TX and is a Product Engineer at Stripe. He contributes to open-source as a member of the jQuery Board of Advisors and as a developer on the Modernizr team. He's passionate about tools, large applications, and hard-to-solve problems (and whiskey). He blogs at alexsexton.com and tweets as @slexaxton.

  2. Jason Lengstorf

    Jason Lengstorf

    Copter Labs

    Jason Lengstorf a turbogeek hailing from Portland, Oregon. He designs and develops websites using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript (jQuery), CSS, and HTML. He's written two books (PHP for Absolute Beginners [2009 Apress] and Pro PHP and jQuery [2010 Apress]), and he's written articles on development and design for Nettuts, CSS Tricks, and Smashing Magazine, among others.

  3. Joe McCann

    Joe McCann


    Joe McCann is a co-founder/CEO of NodeSource. He is a hacker, tinkerer, builder and breaker with more than 13 years of web, mobile and software development experience. He has a special fondness for Node.js because he can rapidly prototype an idea within minutes. These speedy ideation sessions fed into his desire to help Fortune 500 companies build actual products that allow technology to be utilized in real world scenarios. Joe has a broad background ranging from being a techno DJ to working on Wall Street. The perspective he brings to technology is rather unique and unconventional. Joe is a frequent speaker on the conference circuit, actively promoting emerging technologies and relevant business use cases to bring pragmatism to futurism.

  4. John Sheehan

    John Sheehan


    John is a Co-founder and CEO of Runscope and API fanatic. As an early employee at Twilio, John lead the developer evangelism program and worked as a Product Manager for Developer Experience. After Twilio, John was Platform Lead at IFTTT working with API providers to create new channels. John is also the creator of RestSharp, API Changelog, API Digest, API Jobs and co-host of Traffic and Weather, an API and cloud podcast.

  5. Keith Casey

    Keith Casey

    Keith Casey currently serves as Director of Platform for OP3Nvoice working to make APIs easier, more consistent, and help solve real world problems. Previously, as a developer evangelist at Twilio, he worked to get good technology into the hands of good people to do great things. In his spare time, he works to build and support the Austin technology community, blogs occasionally at CaseySoftware.com and is completely fascinated by monkeys. Keith is also the author of "A Practical Approach to API Design" from Leanpub

  6. Kirsten Hunter

    Kirsten Hunter


    Her current day job is API Ninja at 3scale, an API management company committed to making sure everyone can create successful, compelling APIs

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